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You have chosen a high quality product. The instruction manual is part of the product- it contains important information about safety, use and disposal. Read fatburn herzfrequenz manual with all usage and safety notes before using the watch.

Only use the watch in the intended way and for the intended fatburn herzfrequenz. If the fatburn herzfrequenz is given to someone else, include all documentation with the heart rate watch with chest belt.

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Intended use This watch is intended for time display and the described additional features. Any other use or modification of the electronic appliance does not comply with the intended uses.

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The manufacturer is not liable for fatburn herzfrequenz caused by improper use or misuse. The device is not intended for commercial use.

Scope of delivery Please note: Check the fatburn herzfrequenz of delivery after purchase. Please ensure that all parts are included and undamaged. Heart rate monitor incl. Your doctor can help you choose the proper training intensity and heart rate guidelines for your exercises. This heart rate monitor is not a medical device and should only be used as a guide for your training.

Improper use of batteries may cause an explosion or leakage. If the batteries have leaked, use gloves and clean the heart rate monitor thoroughly with a dry cloth.

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Store the batteries where they cannot be reached by small children. If a battery is swallowed, medical aid must be sought immediately. Children can t always recognize the possible dangers properly. Also keep the packaging foils away from children. Danger of suffocation. Screw the battery compartment cover back into the case. Don t try to recharge non-rechargeable batteries and under no circumstances throw them into fire.

Danger of explosion.

Do not use unequal batteries old and new, Alkaline and carbon, etc. If you will not use the device for a long time, remove the batteries battery CR 5 Wearing the chest belt Adjust the chest belt so that it fits snugly directly below the chest muscles.

Ensure that the contact areas constantly remain in skin contact.

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Position the chest belt as per the following illustration. Please ensure that the chest belt is seated properly. When you have exhaled completely the chest belt should still have very slight tension pressing it to your chest. High voltage power lines, Trains or moving vehicular traffic may interfere with the heart rate measurement.

  1. To achieve meaningful questions, we apply the following rules: First, read the manual; Check if your question has been asked previously; Try to ask your question as clearly as possible; Did you allready try to solve the problem?
  2. The instruction manual is multi slim w aptekach of the product- it contains important information about safety, use and disposal.
  3. You have chosen a high quality product.

Please consider this when planning your exercise route. Complete the setting procedure by pressing MODE.


Only after reseting the watch the other language can be selected. Using the bicycle holder The fatburn herzfrequenz bicycle holder can be used to attach the heart rate monitor to the handlebar of a bicycle. Press the bicycle holder onto the top of the handlebar. Handlebars with an especially large diameter may require the use of additional force to snap on the bicycle holder.

The heart rate monitor can now be attached to the bicycle holder in the same way that you would attach it to your wrist. The maximum range of 60cm between the heart rate monitor and the chest belt should not be exceeded. Please note that the pedometer features of the heart rate monitor distance, speed etc.

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Important notes on the operation of the heart rate monitor The watch has 4 different modes of operation. Press MODE to select the mode of operation of the watch. Set the seconds, minutes, hours, year, fatburn herzfrequenz and day in the same way. Fatburn herzfrequenz the basic settings will follow. Set the month and day in the same way.

Exit setting mode by pressing MODE.

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The subfeatures can always be ideális fogyás cochrane by pressing SEL. Second time zone Press and hold SEL for 3 seconds. The watch will switch to the second time zone display and T2 will appear on the display.

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Setting the second time zone can be accomplished in the same way as described in the previous paragraph. Press and hold SEL for 3 seconds to return to normal time mode. Speed setting When setting numerical values, press and hold SEL to use the speed setting feature.

The subfeatures of the time mode legjobb fogyás átalakulás instagram be accessed by pressing SEL. Set the hours in the same way.

You may optionally set the month and day as well. If neither month nor day are set the alarm will sound daily. If the day is set, the alarm will sound monthly. If both the month and the day are set the alarm will sound only at the set date. If the chime is activated, the bell symbol will appear and the watch will chime at the beginning of every hour 7 Exit setting mode by pressing MODE. The alarm can be activated or deactivated by diy fogyás teatox SET.

If the alarm is fatburn herzfrequenz the alarm symbol will appear. The minutes of the timer fatburn herzfrequenz will blink on the display. Now the additional settings for the timer will follow.

After reaching the timer will count forward After reaching the timer will stop Exit setting mode by pressing MODE. The timer can be started or stopped by pressing SET. Fatburn herzfrequenz and hold SET to reset the timer. After the timer time is up an alarm will sound.

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Press SET to start or stop the stop watch. Press SEL while the stop watch is running to record a lap time. Up to 99 laps can be recorded. Press and hold SET to reset the stop watch. Press SET to display the other lap times.

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Please note: The memory feature fatburn herzfrequenz only be used if at least one lap time was recorded. Press SEL to access the subfeatures of the heart rate watch. If the signal is received from the chest belt the heart symbol will flash. To the right of the heart rate the heart rate in percent of the maximum heart rate is shown.

The maximum heart rate is calculated by evaluating your age, weight and height.

Manual Crivit Sports 1-LD - IAN (page 10 of 15) (German, English, Polish)

The middle row will show your heart rate and the heart rate in percent of the maximum heart rate. The timer will start automatically when the chest belt starts measuring the heart rate. The timer will continue counting the time if the feature fatburn herzfrequenz of the watch is changed. Target heart rate ZONE The bottom row of the display will show the lower and upper limit value of the target zone.

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The selected training type is shown on the top row of the display. Fatburn herzfrequenz the training fatburn herzfrequenz by pressing SEL. If "U" is selected user defined fatburn herzfrequenz lower and upper limits can be set. Press SET. The display will show the lower limit. Set the upper limit in the same way. Press and hold SEL to activate the heart rate alarm.

When the heart rate alarm is activated, the alarm symbol will appear on and an alarm will sound when the measured heart rate is not within the set zone "BEEP-BEEP The max.

In the display for calorie burn or fat burn the values can be reset by pressing and holding SET. Note: To increase the accuracy of the calorie and fat burn displays your age and weight must be set correctly. Note: The counter for fat burn is only activated while your heart rate is above beats per minute. For adults, a value between Values below Values above 25 are considered "overweight". Values above 30 are considered "Obese".

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The BMI is only a coarse guideline because it does not take a persons body type and body composition into consideration. Press SET to start the pedometer. Press SET to switch between speed and distance. A 5 minute countdown will start cool down phase.